Rollers & Pulleys

Designing and building world-class Material Handling systems has always been a forte for Tradeloom Engineerss, but our expertise also extends to fabrication and manufacturing of various items of world class Conveyor system equipment. At Tradeloom Engineerss, we believe that any material handling system is only as strong as its essential fixtures, the Idlers/Rollers/Pulleys. We ensure that our Idlers, Rollers and Pulleys are fabricated only in industry-strength metals and alloys, thereby featuring superb durability and endurance to fit any material handling configuration. Depending on the material load composition and nature, we offer customized configurations for idlers/rollers/pulleys at extremely economical prices, augmenting the longevity of any conveyor/load delivery system and reducing maintenance and upkeep overheads.

To suit various industrial needs and configurations for material handling channels, we specialize in customized fabrication for wide range of idlers, rollers and pulleys. Our entire range of rollers includes anti-runback rollers, steel rollers, top and impact rollers and rollers with rubber back padding. Our idlers and pulleys also consist of motorized pulleys of precisely calibrated load capacities, and garland sets and fixtures made from reinforced alloys, delivering advantages of endurance, flexibility and modularity. Our award-winning team of industrial design and fabrication experts bank on years’ worth of expertise in customizing configurations for Idlers, Rollers and Pulleys to deliver great efficiency at economical prices.

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