Chain Conveyor

Slat Chain Conveyor systems designed and manufactured by Tradeloom Engineers find extensive application in multiple industries, and is widely regarded as being extremely versatile and cost effective. The Slat chain Conveyors can find application in handling light, medium and even heavy loads, making them ideal for inter-plant and inter-factory resource transport and assembly line links.

Slats are metal sheets that are mounted on specially developed chain strands with supporting links, so the durability of both the slats, as well as the chain links are of crucial importance. Tradeloom Engineers ensure that all material handling systems featuring Slat Chain Conveyors are durable and doubly-reinforced, and then load tested multiple times in different real-world applications under varying levels of industrial duress. The systems themselves are often customized using specifically retrofitted fixtures, offering a greater degree of versatility in regular, lateral flexing and even inclined versions (where the slats feature custom clamping attachments to fix different materials in place).

Slat Chain Conveyors fabricated by Tradeloom Engineers are successfully used in multiple industries today, ranging from consumer electronics, Pharmaceuticals and Fertilizers, Automobile assembly, Food and Beverage Processing and Mineral Ore extraction plants. These systems also feature a high degree of durability, owing to precision injection-molded parts and reinforced sprocket and idler parts, making the system easy to maintain and considerably resistant to depreciation. It is little wonder, then, that these Slat Chain conveyors set industry standards worldwide, and garner rave reviews from engineers and experts alike.

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