Bucket Elevator

Designing, commissioning and manufacturing Bucket Elevator systems forms an important part of the product bouquet at Tradeloom Engineers. Built for strategic load transit, Tradeloom Engineers ensure extended product life cycles and superior material handling for these bucket elevators, reducing maintenance overheads and facilitating expedited delivery for a variety of loads. As with any transport system that deal with vertical load delivery, bucket elevators often need to deliver heavier objects directly against gravity. Bucket Elevator Systems from Tradeloom Engineers feature state-of-the art motorized units that produce ample power for vertical load transit, and yet consumes a fraction of electricity used by comparable systems.

Bucket Elevators usually feature a flexible flow type feeding mechanism with induction discharge. Bucket Elevators designed and manufactured by Tradeloom Engineers use an advanced form of intensive hopper arrangement to ensure faster deliveries and reduced upkeep. In fact, this system has been proven to reduce considerable machine abrasion, allowing plants to use the same system for extended hours in continuous usage over longer periods of time. Depending on the specific demands of the industry, Bucket Elevators from Tradeloom Engineers could be customized to suit diverse load compositions like sludge, concrete and other building materials, or granular materials like cement and sand. It is this versatility that has allowed our Bucket elevator systems to feature prominently in several high-profile national and international projects.


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